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Astrology is an experimental science and has been used for  thousand of years, stating that everywhere in the world a perfect system in working. Everything is in correlation with everything, it is true, even though we are only researching the direct connections.​


As it is working in the university , the same happens here, on Earth. The planets and other celestial bodies that have been floating on the sky for billion of years can be also used as devices for modeling the perfect system in astrology.


The great philosophers and astrologers of humanity have been detecting for thousand of years that certain events and phenomenas occur more  frequently , than accidentally , when the planets in the universe change these places with one another.


During the centuries from the notes of the situation and events, they created a system and so far the science of astrology has a database of several millions.


Do we think that in the perfect system of the universe, only the human fate or rather the horoscope would be imperfect ?


Everyone born on a place and at the time when or where it has to be in order to go through her way predetermined by her fate. Everyone come through everything good, bad sometimes too.


Have a nice day !

Denis Ferret

Managing Director















The money operated horoscope vending machines is very popular as tourist centers and other frequented places. The machine is used and consulted by every age group because everybody is curious about his or her future. The users can choose from a great variety of languages. The program making the horoscopes uses the scientific results and observations of astrology and prepares individual horoscopes based on the data entered ( place and date of birth).


The prepared horoscopes have different themes and the user gets a printed copy of his or her horoscope. The machine is fitted with a vandal-proof touch screen and the user can find all information regarding the use of the machine on the screen. The astrology machine is fitted with a GSM SURVEILLANCE sending every data to a surveillance centre to a given phone number. Eventual error messages are sent directly to the given phone number of a service person.


Horoscopes vending machines :


Technical data :

Structure steel stainless enforced plastic.

Screen : " 15 " LCD Touch Screen.

Printer A4 Thermal printer.

European production.


Wall : W : 48 cm - H : 79 cm - D : 24 cm

Standalone : W : 58 cm - H : 175 cm - D : 40 cm

Weight : 75 kg - Export stiff packing.

Operating Voltages :220/230 V/50Hz and

110/120 V/60Hz on request.

Current consumption : 0.35A

Operation Temperature between 0 and 40°C

Maximum humidity content of ambient air

between 20° and 80° without condensing.


Translated Languages : 10

Astrological signs forecasts : 2100 by our ASTROLOGERS.


CONSTELLATION model is working with coins & banknotes on request. Accept different worldwide coins and banknotes.


Our GSM System can delivered some sales statistic, daily turnover.... through a global integrated monitoring from horoscopes vending machine.


Contact us today to take advantage of our best promotional offer !







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